LifeArt, the world’s leading producer and supplier of personalized and environmental coffins and caskets, has selected DISRUPT Media, the social media strategy and management agency, to coordinate its social media strategy and content management. Using their proprietary FUNERAL Social Design Process, DISRUPT Media is helping LifeArt to not just raise awareness for the brand, but to help educate funeral markets throughout the world on LifeArt’s innovative product line.

“The main reasons why LifeArt chose to work with Ryan Thogmartin and DISRUPT Media are the obvious connections and appeal within the funeral market, in particular the United States,” commented LifeArt’s President and CEO Mike Grehan. “Ryan’s association with Connecting Directors is a major incentive, not just because of the product itself, but because this product has a proven track record to reach our target market – funeral professionals.”

Over the past several years, LifeArt has had a presence within the funeral industry in the US, including through exhibiting at various conventions.  The challenge has been in making the industry understand the value of selling the LifeArt product and how to go about presenting it to families.   Experience has shown at funerals that incorporate a LifeArt product, people talk about LifeArt casket during the service – almost no other casket can make that claim.

“At DISRUPT Media, we believe social media allows every funeral home and funeral company to act in ways that we were meant to in the first place – as humans.” stated Ryan Thogmartin, President of DISRUPT Media. “We can help encourage and share impartial information from other humans instead of from faceless companies.

“Social media provides the perfect platform for LifeArt and helps showcase our company,” commented Grehan. “Ryan and his team have provided us great access, insight and opportunities to demonstrate the value of LifeArt.


About LifeArt:  Founded in 2004, LifeArt is an innovative Australian company that is dedicated to making funerals more personal and special through beautiful, personal, emotional and environmentally friendly caskets and coffins. Recently, their product has been made available in the North America via an established dealer network. More information is available at

About DISRUPT Media: DISRUPT Media is a full service social media management and content agency dedicated to the funeral profession. Started by Ryan Thogmartin, DISRUPT Media provides creative ideas and a simple plan to produce a social media presence that is completely unique for each client. For more information, call DISRUPT Media at 740.617.0599 or visit the website at



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Stay on Top of the Latest Marketing Tips, Trends, and Best Practices for Funeral Companies

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